How is MY REHAB Medical Exercise Specialist different than Personal Trainer?

⇒ Most personal trainers are comfortable working with people who have common metabolic medical challenges such as high blood pressure or diabetes, and many may go as far as to address balance challenges, which often accompany aging.

⇒ Few trainers are prepared to address neurological conditions such the post-stroke client or the Parkinson’s Disease client, or orthopedic conditions such as post joint surgery or post spine surgery.

⇒ MY REHAB focuses primarily on orthopedic conditions, especially back,neck pain after injury or surgery or Knee pain.In addition, we recently added a practitioner who is specializing in neurological conditions, including post-stroke and Parkinson’s Disease. Our practice takes it one step further, not only because of our training, but also the updates, the dialogue and continuing education we engage in with our referring medical professionals such as neurologists, physical therapists, and psychiatrists.

How to become a Certified MY REHAB Medical Exercise Specialist?

Today’s clients oftentimes suffer from a variety of chronic medical conditions, requiring a health and fitness professional that holds specialized, comprehensive knowledge in medical fitness. The MY REHAB Medical Exercise Specialist study program was created to help individuals gain valuable expertise in creating programs for clients with a range of medical conditions. If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, here are a few steps to make the process seamless.

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